The Spring Semester Social

It was CSU Dog Night again! Antoine and his new brother Deacon put on a bit of a performance for the crowd. Connie adopted Deacon last August and the two love to play together and their fun was [...]

Water Therapy for Spree

Antoine’s friend Spree has a weekly swimming rehab session at the dog pool. Her rehab tech Mayuko is in the water with her to get her to use her front leg properly. The exercise is meant to get [...]

Introducing Antoine

If you are new to Antoine’s story, we will be sharing it here again over the coming weeks. To simply begin, Antoine is a remarkable rescue dog who overcame severe disabilities to now live a happy [...]

Meet G-Dog!

Gordon, Freeride, or G-Dog—this plucky, miniature Doberman has almost as many names and he has fans. Not quite three years old, Gordon has already run a marathon in his new home state of West [...]

Beach Dogs

A few years ago Connie took Antoine to the ocean for the first time. I wonder if he had a feeling that is where he was headed again this trip. He must have watched Connie pack the car, bundle [...]

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