Introducing Antoine

If you are new to Antoine’s story, we will be sharing it here again over the coming weeks. To simply begin, Antoine is a remarkable rescue dog who overcame severe disabilities to now live a happy and fulfilling life. He was first called Blue because of his striking eyes. While many people helped him on his path in very significant ways, it was Janet Curran who brought him from a Kansas City shelter to Colorado for medical treatment more than 6 years ago. In Colorado, with Janet’s continued support, Antoine found his forever home with Connie Fredman who ensures his day-to-day wellbeing.

Over fifteen years ago, Connie created Canine Health Resort in Fort Collins, Colorado to accommodate, assist and care for pre- and post-operative patients of Colorado State University’s Veterinary Hospital. Connie acts as foster mother to dogs under medical treatment or in hospice care.  Antoine came to recuperate after experimental surgery to help regain the lost mobility in his hind legs—a complication from suffering long-term, untreated Neospora as a puppy. He never left. It was obvious to everyone he had found his pack and was home.

Antoine’s adoption poster
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