Meet Connie Fredman, Owner of the Canine Health Resort.

Front row left to right: Dexter, Kerry and the late Moose. Back row left to right: Antoine, Connie and Spree

If you were to ask Connie, she wouldn’t say she chose her job, it chose her. Always fond of dogs, over 15 years ago she found herself working part-time at Colorado State University Veterinary Hospital as an animal caregiver. It was not her primary job, but it was the one that led her to open the Canine Health Resort on her farm. Connie was moved by the lack of stimulus and basic companionship for dogs stuck in kennels awaiting various treatments. One dog in particular, with nasal cancer, really moved her. Connie asked for and was granted permission to start walking this dog whenever possible. It became clear the need for this sort of care and normalizing routine was never going to go away. Various canine visitors have come and gone through Connie’s gates over the years, a few, like Antoine, have become permanent fosters. The true joy of Connie’s is that dogs get to be dogs. They don’t see their disabilities or their illnesses. They see friends, a normal life and love. Antoine’s fund is forever grateful for that.
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