Meet My Friend, Skya!

Skya is one of my best friends here at the Canine Health Resort. She’s had a ruff couple of years. She had something called a fibrocartilaginous embolism (FCE), which gave her a stroke and made her back legs paralyzed. Then her owner got sick too. When she first arrived, she was feeling pretty down in the paws, but it didn't take long for her to feel better.

This place is a real paradise for us pups. There are wide-open fields perfect for running (or, in Skya's case, rolling) around, and they’ve got these amazing pools where we can splash around and cool off. Connie, our Chief Human here, is pawsitively amazing—she gives the best ear scratches and belly rubs, and she always has treats on hand. There's even a spa where we get pampered with massages and grooming.

Skya found comfort and happiness quickly with all the support here. The tail-wagging tummy rubs and the freedom to explore the beautiful land turned her spirits around. Now, she’s the bark of the town, always ready to share a joke or a playful nudge. We’re all lucky dogs to be here, but especially Skya, who got her spark back thanks to this wonderful place.

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