Paying Tribute to Dexter


We are sad to report that Dexter, a much loved part of Connie’s canine family, passed away this week.

Dexter loved to relax at the Canine Health Resort.

Dexter was one of Connie’s personal fosters. He came to her after he was hit by a car and required more care than his original owners could provide. Dexter was a beautiful chocolate lab who developed an unusual shape to his head after suffering from masticatory myositis that caused his chewing muscles to atrophy. He was the oldest of the three amigos which included Spree and Antoine. Dexter will be greatly missed by them and so many others.


Dexter enjoyed a visit to the ocean.

Please join us in sending condolences to Connie by clicking to the link for Antoine's Facebook Page


Rest in peace, Dexter.

Photographs Courtesy of Elaina G Photography.
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